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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in respect of Posts relating to Open Advertisements

How to apply

S. No.




How can I apply to the examinations to be 
conducted by the Board?

Only through online mode.


Should I send a print out of online 

Not  necessary


Whether I should send any documents/ 
certificates at the time of applying online?

Not necessary. Only the shortlisted 
candidates will be asked to do so.


How should I pay the examination fee?

1.  Online Fee payment through Net 
Banking / Credit Card / Debit Card. 
2.  Offline payment through designated 
Bank branches in the State as specified in the Notification.


I am already registered with the Employment Exchange in Tamil Nadu. Should I apply for the post in response to the notification?

Yes. You must apply online for appearing in the examination. Registration in Employment exchange does not make one automatically eligible to appear in the exam


What can I do if I have any doubts while applying through online mode?

You can approach the helpdesk Number/ email mentioned in the notification


What happens, if I submit more than one application or multiple applications for the same post through online mode?

The latest or the most recent application a will alone be considered and the earlier applications will be treated as invalid.


How can I get back the payment debited more than once, while making payment for the application fee through Online payment mode?

If the fee paid through online payment mode for an application is debited more than one time due to payment gateway issues, the additional amount debited will be credited back in your account after confirmation in due course.



I am working in the State / Central Government.  Am I eligible to apply?

i. If a period of five years has not 
elapsed since your first appointment 
to a service of the Central or State 
Government (In respect of “Others” ) 
ii. No such restrictions for the applicants 
belonging to SC or ST or MBC/DC or 
BC (Other than BCM)or BC (M).


Am I eligible to make claim regarding community / higher 
and additional qualification after the submission of application?



Who comes under the Scheduled Caste (Arunthathiyar) category?

i. Arunthathiyar

ii. Chakkilian

iii. Madari

iv. Madiga

v. Pagadai

vi. Thoti

vii. Adi-Andhra.


I belong to a reservation group, but belong to “Other State”.  Am I eligible to avail reservation?



I belong to the Scheduled Caste 
community.  But converted to 
Christianity.  Am I eligible for reservation under the Scheduled Caste category?

You will be considered only under 
Backward Classes (other than Muslim).



Who are eligible to avail communal 

Candidates belonging to the following categories are eligible: 
i. Scheduled Castes / 
    SC (Arunthathiyars) 
ii.  Scheduled Tribes 
iii. Most Backward Class / 
     Denotified Communities 
iv. Backward Classes (other than 
     Backward Class Muslim) 
v.  Backward Class (Muslim)


What is the percentage of reservation available to women candidates?

30 percent.


I am a Male candidate. Whether I am eligible to be considered in the vacancies reserved for female candidates?

If no qualified and suitable female 
candidates are available for selection against such vacancies, those vacancies shall be filled by male candidates belonging to the respective communal categories. This clause will not apply to 
the recruitments meant exclusively for men or women.


I am a Non-DW(Destitute Widow) candidate. Whether I am 
eligible to be considered in the DW category?

Yes. (Applicable only for certain category of posts)
If no qualified and suitable Destitute Widow is available for selection, the turn so set apart for Destitute Widows shall go to the women (other than Destitute 
widows) belonging to the respective categories.


I am a male candidate. Whether I am eligible to be considered in the DW category?

In the event of non-availability of 
qualified and suitable Destitute Widows / Women (other than Destitute Widows) candidates for selection, the vacancy will 
be filled by male candidates, belonging to the respective communal categories. 
However, the said reservation of 
appointments will not apply for the posts in the Scale of Pay, which exceeds PB1-Rs.5200-20200+Rs.2800 Grade Pay


I am Non-DA(Differently Abled) candidate. Whether I am eligible to be considered in the DA category?

If no qualified and suitable candidate is available for selection from one or more categories of Differently Abled, the vacancies will be carried forward as per 


I belong to Scheduled Caste 
(Arunthathiyars) community. Whether I am eligible to be considered under Scheduled Caste category?

Even after filling up of the posts reserved for Scheduled Caste Arunthathiyars on preferential basis, if more number of 
qualified Arunthathiyars are available, they shall be entitled to compete with the Scheduled Castes other than Arunthathiyars in the inter-se merit among them.


I belong to Scheduled Caste community. 
Whether I am eligible to be considered 
under Scheduled Caste (Arunthathiyars) 

If any posts reserved for Arunthathiyars remain unfilled for want of adequate number of qualified candidates, it shall 
be filled up by Scheduled Caste other than Arunthathiyars.



I belong to Scheduled Tribe community. 
From whom should I get the community certificate?

i.  Revenue Divisional Officer 
ii.  Assistant Collector 
iii. Sub Collector 
iv. Personal Assistant (General) to 
the Collector of Chennai 
v.  District Adidravidar Welfare 


I belong to Scheduled Caste / Scheduled Caste (Arunthathiyar)  community. From whom should I get the community certificate?

Taluk Tahsildar


I belong to the Most Backward Class / Denotified Communities, Backward Class (OBCM), Backward Class (Muslims) 
community. From whom should I get the community certificate?

i.  Revenue Officer not lower in 
rank than a Tahsildar 
ii.  Head Quarters Deputy Tahsildar 
iii. Special Deputy Tahsildar 
iv. Additional Head Quarters 
Deputy Tahsildar 
v.  Zonal Deputy Tahsildar


I belong to the Thottia Naicker (including Rajakambalam, Gollavar, Sillavar, Thockalavar, Thozhuva Naicker and Erragollar) community included in the list 
of MBC/ DC.  From whom should I get the community certificate?

Head Quarters Deputy Tahsildar


What are the documents that may be submitted as evidence of date of birth?

i.  The Secondary School-Leaving 
Certificate;  or 
ii.  A certificate from a University or College, or School authority showing data of birth, according to the University or College or School 
records. (The certificate of Baptism or extract from Register of Births, 
cannot be accepted); or 
iii.  Extract from the Service Register showing date of birth in respect of persons holding regular 
appointment under the State 


From whom should I get the Latest Conduct Certificate?

From a Government Officer of Gazetted Rank who 
belongs to Group A or B, who 
knows you personally.


The date after which the Latest Conduct Certificate has to be obtained?

Not earlier than the first day of the month in which the Notification for the Recruitment is advertised in the Newspaper


May I get the Latest Conduct Certificate from my relative?



I have lastly studied in an Institution, the duration of which is less than one Academic year. Whether the Last Studied 
Conduct Certificate obtained from such an institution is acceptable?

If the period of study at the Institution in which the candidate last studied or is studying as the case may be, is less than one academic year, you must produce also another certificate from the Head of the Institution, in which you last studied for not less than one academic year.


May I get the Latest Conduct Certificate and the Last Studied Conduct Certificate from the same person?



Whether the copies of Mark sheets or Grade Certificates are accepted as evidence of Educational Qualification?

Copies of degree or provisional 
certificate alone will be accepted as 
evidence of Educational Qualification.


I am working in a Government / Local body / University / Quasi Government Organization.  Whether I should send my 
application through my Employer?

Instead, you may directly apply online to the Board duly informing your Employer in writing that you are applying for the particular recruitment and with the condition that you should produce “No Objection Certificate” in the form prescribed from the appointing authority.


I am working in a Government / Local body / University / Quasi Government Organisation on temporary basis. 
Whether I should submit the No Objection Certificate from my Employer?



I have got Employment in a Government / Local body / University / Quasi Government Organisation after the submission of application. Whether I should submit the No Objection Certificate from my Employer?



I am working in a Government / Local body / University / Quasi Government Organisation. Criminal / disciplinary action 
has been taken against me after the submission of NOC. Whether I should report the fact to the Board?

You should report such facts forthwith to the Board indicating your Register number/ Exam number.


May I affix/scan the photograph taken two years back?

The photos should have been taken recently not earlier than a month of the date of application



Is the provisional selection of a candidate by the Board guarantees actual appointment?



I belong to the reservation group. Am I eligible for selection against the vacancies to be filled under “General Turn” on the basis of merit?



How the selection list is drawn by the Board?

First the candidates are picked up 
category wise (i.e. G.T. / B.C.(OBCM) / B.C.(M) / M.B.C./D.C / S.C. / S.C. (A) / 
S.T.) from the Ranking List against the required number of vacancies. Thereafter, the above said candidates are fitted in the communal roster on the basis of the marks obtained by them & as per the turns arising in the roster.


How the selection is finalised, when two or more candidates secure the same marks?

In case of two or more candidates 
scoring equal marks in the written examination or by any other means of merit, the following will be the basis of fixing the seniority: 
a. Senior in age will be placed above; 
b. If the age too is equal,
(i) In case of OMR (offline) Applications, date of receipt of the application in the Board’s office. 
(ii) In the case of Online application, date and time of Online Registration of application will be taken into account to fix the seniority.

Reserve list


How many candidates are included in the Reserve list?

 Ten percent of the estimated vacancies


What is the validity of reserve list?

The reserve list shall lapse after the expiry of one year from the date of declaration of selection list or till the date of notification of next recruitment whichever is eariler


Under what circumstances the reserve list will be operated?

i.  Non-joining of selected candidates. 
ii. Selected candidates who 
joined duty but left immediately thereafter. 
iii. Cancellation of provisional selection of the selected 
candidates for any reason       
iv. Specific orders of Government



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