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The Medical Services Recruitment Board (MRB) was constituted by the Government of Tamil Nadu in G.O. (Ms) No.1, Health and Family Welfare (C2) Department dated 02.01.2012 with the objective of making appointments to various categories of staff in the Health and Family Welfare Department by way of direct recruitment, in a speedy manner, keeping in view the nature, importance and essentiality of these posts. The Medical Services Recruitment Board started functioning with effect from 06.02.2012.

There are more than 200 categories of posts under the various directorates of the Health and Family Welfare Department. All the direct recruitment posts (excluding the post of Drivers, posts under the TNPSC, and all posts under the Basic Services) are under the purview of the MRB. These posts are broadly under the following services viz.,

        • Tamil Nadu Medical Service
        • Tamil Nadu Medical Subordinate Service
        • Tamil Nadu Public Health Service
        • Tamil Nadu public Health Subordinate Service

The following nine Directorates/ Commissionerate are functioning under the Health and Family Welfare Department viz.,

        • Directorate of Public Health & Preventive Medicine (DPH)
        • Directorate of Medical & Rural Health Services (DMS)
        • Directorate of Medical & Rural Health Services-ESI  (DMS-ESI)
        • Directorate of Medical Education (DME)
        • Directorate of Family Welfare (DFW)
        • Directorate of State Health Transport Department
        • Directorate of Indian Medicine and Homeopathy(DIM)
        • Commissionerate of Food Safety and Drugs Administration(including the Directorate of Drugs Control)

Prior to the formation of MRB, the authority for the direct recruitment was vested with different officials of the various directorates. The Government has decided to recruit all the direct recruitment of medical staff in Health and Family Welfare department, under one roof so as to speedily fill up the vacant posts in various government medical institutions comprising of the Government Medical college Hospitals, the Government District / Taluk Head Quarters Hospitals / Non Taluk Hospitals / Dispensary / ESI Medical institutions / Primary Health Centres/ Health Sub Centres etc. 

The Medical Services Recruitment Board consists of a Chairman, a Member and a Member Secretary.


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